With the aim of reducing water consumption in all activities at TACSA, within the framework of our environmental strategy and commitment, during the 2020/2022 period, improvements have been made to reduce the water flows of the Tacsa Santa plants. Coloma de Cervelló and Tacsa Hospitalet de Llobregat. This optimization has led to an improvement in the management of the inlet water treatment plants, as well as improved final washing systems.

In 2021 compared to 2019, a reduction per m2 treated of more than 15% was achieved at the Santa Coloma plant and a reduction of more than 6% at the Tacsa Hospitalet de Llobregat plant.

In 2022 compared to 2021, the consumption of water per m2 treated at the Tacsa Hospitalet de Llobregat plant has been reduced by more than 10% and at the Tacsa Santa Coloma de Cervelló plant we have maintained similar levels to the previous year, reducing a 1% of our water consumption per m2 painted.

Due to the current drought situation, we continue to work on reducing water consumption and new ways are being explored, such as the possibility of using reclaimed water instead of mains water, either regenerated company water or modifying our purification system to recirculate the output water from our cataphoresis treatment process and that can be fully or partially recovered as process input water.